FullSizeRender (1)So we made it through. We survived All Hallow’s Eve. No ghouls nabbed us on the road to candy bag mecca, no witches flew down on their broomsticks to whisk us away to dump us in their bubbling cauldron, and no zombies feasted upon our flesh. In fact, it was one of the most bizarre Halloweens in recent memory, and not because of some otherworldly, frightening event. It was a weird one because, well, it snowed like it was Christmas Eve.

We knew heading up to yesterday that it was going to be pretty cold, and they were calling for possible snow flurries, but the weathermen call for a lot of things that don’t actually happen. But by 3:20pm I knew something wasn’t quite right as I was pelted with sleet walking to my car after having a coffee with my wife. I headed to the store and grabbed a couple giant frozen pizzas to feed the kids and the wife and I after the big trick-or-treating extravaganza. Besides feeding us, my oldest was having five of her friends over as well. Six teens eat a lot of food.

The wife and I decided to split up and take two vehicles. I’d take the youngest around, while she’d haul the teens in the van. It worked out quite well. By the time we hit the road at around 5:30pm the snow was coming down like crazy, so I drove the kids from house to house. Last thing I wanted was the kids getting cavities AND pneumonia. I drove them through two different neighborhoods, as well as visiting the houses of one of the school secretaries and my son’s 2nd grade teacher.

By the time we got home their bags were loaded to the gills with a little bit of everything. Not long after we got home the teenage caravan arrived back as well. Pizzas were made, Hawaiian Punch was gulped, and many laughs were had. I spun some Halloween records, like House of the Devil S/T, House By The Cemetery S/T, and even Michael Jackson’s Thriller. We watched Grave Encounters for some scary movie thrills, then crashed around 11:30pm.

I would’ve preferred less snow and more creepy, but you can’t have it all. The kids had fun and so did the adults. Maybe next year we won’t need snow boots to trick-or-treat.

Teens an their costumes
Teens an their costumes
The haul.
The haul.
Another haul.
Another haul.
Snowy spooktacular.
Snowy spooktacular.



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