DSC04397Nothing quite like getting home and seeing not one, but two cardboard squares sitting on the front stoop. That’s how I call Monday a winner, folks. Sitting on the front step was a package from Denmark and Brooklyn, New York. El Paraiso dropped off the new Jakob Skott album Amor Fati and Domino Records left a present in the form of Real Estate’s new one, Atlas. I’ve been dreaming of that Real Estate ever since I heard “Crime” last week. So far I’ve listened to only Real Estate.

Actually, I’m on my third listen of Atlas and I can say very confidently that this will be one of my favorite records of the year. Top five, no doubt. I know, it’s only March. Well, sometimes you just know, man. Hell, I knew mbv was going to be one of my favorite records as soon as I listened to it in February of 2013. Same thing here. Atlas is melancholy, sublime, poignant, and just plain beautiful. I can’t go into song specifics as I haven’t sat with the album sleeve and listened, but every song is a mini-masterpiece. It’s that jangly longing in those clean Fenders, the tight rhythm section that keeps the songs rolling, and of course Martin Courtney’s wistful voice. And of course Alex Bleeker has a wonderful song as well. All in all, I’m completely in awe of these guys from the Garden state.

I probably won’t get to Jakob Skott tonight, but I will certainly be spinning it tomorrow. Skott is part of the El Paraiso collective, and the drummer for Causa Sui, El Paraiso’s flag ship band. His first solo album was this hazy, analog synth-drenched electronic album that I fell in love with as soon as I heard it. Very reminiscent of Boards of Canada, so it was going to be a favorite of mine. I will fill you all in as soon as I give it a listen.

Okay, back to the music.


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