DSC03919…then it shall be.

I’ve got some picking up to do on this Friday evening. But that’s all right because I’ve got a couple Breakfast Stouts up in the freezer to help ease that cleaning into chill mode. No, it’s not eggs and bacon liquified and fermented over a hot Midwest summer. It’s actually a chocolate, coffee, oatmeal stout. They say you could eat it with a spoon. We shall see, we shall see. I’ve also got a brand new copy of Wayne Shorter’s Speak No Evil I snagged from my good friend John at Karma Records to keep things even more on the chill side.

I’ve got nothing else. Hope all of you have a great weekend. Spin ’em if you got ’em.


About the Author jhubner73

This is where I drop the spat and spittle, the sentimental fat and drivel... Music and such, and maybe a word or two about a word or two. Midwest point-of-view, without all that religion and gun stuff. Intellectually unintellectual. Elitist for the pizza and beer crowd. Grab a bean bag and lounge in the basment for a while, won't you?

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