Sonic Prayers and Walk-a-thons

DSC03794We’re back. We’ve made it to another weekend. How did you fare? Are you gonna survive? Well, a shot of whiskey and some headphones filled with music might be just what you need. Or a nap. Either way it’s Saturday baby. Enjoy.

race againYesterday was the annual Race For Education Walk-a-thon at our kids’ elementary school. The Lincoln Lions walked for one hour yesterday in the afternoon. There was no door-to-door selling of cheese and sausage. Or wrapping paper. Or even some of that disgusting frozen cooke dough that makes cookies you wouldn’t serve at the funeral of someone you despised(why you’d be asked to serve cookies at the funeral of a mortal enemy is beyond me.) No, all the kids did was send letters to friends and relatives asking if they would donate to their school. The money was then sent back in an envelope provided with the letter directly to the school. Simple as that. And for their donation the kids got out of their classrooms for an hour and got to walk for an hour. That’s it. So far, the school is up to $20,000 in donations. The brain child behind trying this type of fundraiser was none other than my wife. She was the PTO president for three years in a row. Her fellow PTO parents gave her a chance and it paid off beautifully. This is the third year they’ve it done and it’s a huge success. I’m very proud of my wife. She’s worked hard as hell on this. It’s paid off very well for the school. I told her last night that when our youngest finally leave the 6th grade and in turn says goodbye to Lincoln Elementary and the “Lincoln Lions” there will be a national day of mourning as she won’t be part of the PTO anymore. She didn’t disagree with me.

So also yesterday I left work early so I could go to the walk-a-thon and walk with my kids, as well as take some pics of the event(I’ll post some later). Before I did all that I stopped at Karma Records and grabbed Earthless Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky and Spoon Kill The Moonlight. Both sound out of this world good. Earthless I recently discovered. There new album From The Ages is mind melting psychedelia. Think of a cross between Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, and Black Sabbath…with a hint of Blue Cheer. Add 20 minute psych jams and you have an idea of their monster sound. Rhythms From A Cosmic Sky is their album from 2007 and it’s nothing short of a masterpiece. I was lucky enough to get the clear vinyl version and it sounds insanely good. Spoon is one of my absolute favorite bands. My wife and saw them with The Walkmen and White Rabbits back in 2008 in Chicago and it was easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Great pop hooks, angular riffs, and a post-punk attitude that makes their albums a wonder to behold. Kill The Moonlight was the first album I bought of theirs after seeing them play on Austin City Limits one cold December evening back in 2004. I bought that and Girls Can Tell sight unseen off the internet the second that show ended. I’ve never looked back. Well, I’m finally getting around to buying all their stuff on vinyl. I had Transference and the Got Nuffin single on vinyl, but that was it. Now I have Kill The Moonlight and A Series Of Sneaks. Joy for the ears.

Okay. I’m gonna have a few beers with a good friend this evening. Don’t worry, I won’t be drinking and driving. I play it safe, folks. Have a great Saturday night.


8 thoughts on “Sonic Prayers and Walk-a-thons

  1. Mortal enemy food service: best laugh line all week and an excellent band name.

    ‘Twas a week full of pins and needles which get temporarily embedded next week and then extracted over time. Yeah, too much metaphor, I know.


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