It’s All About The Pumpkins

Why hello Friday night. It’s great to see you again. How long has it been? Probably a week, at least.

I’m sitting on the couch with a tasty brew and one of the most iconic horror movie themes playing through the speakers. Death Waltz has done it again with their reissue of the Halloween II soundtrack. It’s filled with John Carpenter’s creepy Prophet-10 and Prophet-5 synth sounds and even The Chordettes “Mr. Sandman”. I know that song singularly because of this film.

As far as horror film sequels go, this one was pretty stellar, turning Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis into legends of horror movie lore. This all just goes along with my whole “I love fall” theme going on here this week.

The Shiner Oktoberfest Ale I picked up is going quite nicely with this evening’s events. Well, if sitting on your ass and listening to John Carpenter while teen girls giggle in another room is considered “events”, that is.

TGIF, bitches!!



4 thoughts on “It’s All About The Pumpkins

  1. My wife is an Autumn, umm, dude herself – it’s a cosy thing for her. It’s Spring all the way for me though.

    I went to the Oktoberfest in Munich a couple of years back, it was indescribably good.


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