Girls F*****g Rock!


Not just a blanket statement. Every girl living under my roof rocks. Several I know personally rock. And the girls I’ve been listening to tonight rock hard! Hell yes!

I really need to get Lush’s ‘Spooky’ on vinyl. I really do.

9 thoughts on “Girls F*****g Rock!

  1. Indeed they do! Consistent with your half-Canadian band plugs, I’ve got White Lung and Cibo Matto cued up for the commute home. I’ll be having fun long after you’ve gone to bed!

    Yes, that’s blatant time zone exploitation.


  2. There used to be a really good Scottish (all-girl, I think) band called We Rock Like Girls Don’t. Did a great 7″ called ‘I just wanna stick my head in the bass drum’ !!


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