In The Studio


Well, Cambodia Highball has taken a few weeks off, so whenever that happens I get a little itchy and feel like I need to write and record something or I’ll lose my writing instinct. Yeah, it’s ridiculous I know, but what’s an anal retentive songwriter to do? So, while Cambodia Highball reboots for another round of freaky psych ambience, I’m readying a little e.p. for summertime called, well, ‘Summer e.p.’. Original, I know.

So, I just finished a track today. Just need to mix it down and master it. Look for it at the beginning of next week. Plus, more CH craziness coming soon.

Okay, tomorrow we’re off to Legoland north of Chicago. See you on the flip side.

4 thoughts on “In The Studio

    1. I have to say, I was pretty disappointed with this particular Lego land. It wasn’t nearly as big or interesting as I’d hoped it would be. My son enjoyed it(or so he says). I think he was just humoring me as to not hurt my feelings. We did however find an amazing Lego Store in the mall nearby. So, so many Legos. They had a $400 Lego Death Star. Unbelievable.

      Have you been to any Lego Lands in Europe?


      1. We went to the one in Windsor (near the queen’s crib) a couple of times when the kids were young. I see it as a place for little kids really.

        If I had £300 spare to buy a Death Star I would, not quite sure where it would go though. It’s expensive stuff Lego.


      2. Yeah, it’s definitely more for little kids. I think three years ago it would’ve been the cat’s pajamas with my son. Not so much now.

        Yeah, I got that looking through that Lego store. You’ve gotta have a heavy wallet full of cash in order to buy there. I’m quite content that my son sticks with the Ninjago Legos. They did have a Frank Lloyd Wright Lego set(for his famous house built into a running river) in the architecture section. I’d get that for myself.


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