Man, it’s a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. Groceries are bought, the house is cleaned, and the lawn mowed. Sitting on the porch with some ice water trying to bring my body temperature down to normal. I mean it’s beautiful and all, but it’s also pretty damn hot in the sun. There’s sweat where there shouldn’t be sweat at the moment. TMI? Maybe, but the heat exhaustion is making me say weird things. Bologna pie. See? I did it again.

Anyways, hope you’re Saturday is going well. Hope it’s as nice there as it is here.

So, so hot…

About the Author jhubner73

This is where I drop the spat and spittle, the sentimental fat and drivel... Music and such, and maybe a word or two about a word or two. Midwest point-of-view, without all that religion and gun stuff. Intellectually unintellectual. Elitist for the pizza and beer crowd. Grab a bean bag and lounge in the basment for a while, won't you?


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