Revisited: Break It Yourself


Way back in the spring of 2012 Andrew Bird put out the reasonably subdued Break It Yourself. At the time I quite enjoyed it. Ever since his 2005 The Mysterious Production of Eggs, Bird got more and more ambitious with his albums, and 2009s Noble Beast was the nervous, intricate, bookish, overblown masterpiece he’d been shooting for since his days of playing with Squirrel Nut Zippers and those first couple old timey records he released with his band Bowl of Fire. But in 2002/2003 Bird left the Bowl of Fire at home and retreated to his family farm in Illinois and recorded the cinematic and sprawling Weather Systems. So began Andrew Bird’s journey into composer/poet laureate.

So I’m back to last year’s understated Break It Yourself. Understated by whom? Well, me. I liked it plenty, but soon after it came out I pretty much forgot about it. This past weekend I picked up a copy of BIY on vinyl in big old Fort Wayne at Wooden Nickel Records. I’ve been spinning it nonstop since Sunday morning. It really evokes the expansiveness Bird explored in Weather Systems, while hitting the folksy waters he’s always dipped his toes in. I guess what I’m
saying is that this record epitomizes the Andrew Bird sound. It takes all he’s great at and blends them flawlessly. From the folksy pop of “Eyeoneye” to the beautiful, cinematic, and epic “Hole In The Ocean Floor”, it’s a meal for your ears.

Time to spin it again.

What do you think? Let me know

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