In The Studio


The last couple Saturdays Mr. Page and myself have had prior engagements, so Cambodia Highball has been sitting dormant. Fear not my lovelies, for we will resume weirdness and general hazy musical squalling next Saturday. But given that this is a four day weekend for me, and on this lazy Sunday afternoon I had that itch that only creating musics and such in the studio dungeon can scratch,that’s exactly what I did.

It’s a wonderful buzz creating. And this “thing” I created this afternoon, well it’s got me reeling. It’s definitely in the vein of Cambodia Highball’s “let the music go where it may” mission statement, but it’s also got a definitive narrative. Somewhere along the lines of Hawkwind space rock and Besnard Lakes melody. Hell, I’m full of shit. I’ll just post it in the next day or two and you can decide for yourself.

Either way, new music has been birthed. I’ll be cutting the umbilical shortly.

10 thoughts on “In The Studio

      1. Good to have a moment to see what y’all are up to! 🙂 No hurry on the crack. I’ll be chasing, errr babysitting 2 young/wild boys the rest of this week while relatives travel. We’ll have fun fun fun until they break the Wii, which I expect to happen by noon tomorrow.


      2. Not the Wii!!! Anything but the Wii! Now that we have a Roku player, the Wii sits in the basement family room, lonely and waiting to be played once again. Time to buy Just Dance 4 for the kids.


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