Built_to_SpillEver since RSD I’ve been obsessing over Built to Spill.  In particular their album There’s Nothing Wrong With Love.  Prior to getting my hands on their album Live, I hadn’t really explored anything that came before the cathartic opening chords of “Randy Described Eternity” off of Perfect From Now On.  But hearing the song “Car” on that double live record made my ears perk up.  There’s a simplicity to There’s Nothing Wrong With Love that seemed to give way to more existential and drawn-out guitar jams that ruled Perfect From Now On.  Don’t get me wrong, existential and drawn-out guitar jams are my bread and butter.  Both of those things make me very happy.  But it’s great to hear a band just turn in a two minute pop rock nugget.  Get in and get out, all the while making your heart swoon a bit.  They certainly got back to that on their masterpiece Keep It Like a Secret, but never quite as sweet as on There’s Nothing Wrong With Love.

One song in particular that I can’t quite get out of my head is “Fling”.  It’s reminiscent of Nick Drake’s melancholy masterworks on Pink Moon and Five Leaves Left.  “Way To Blue” comes to mind when I hear this acoustic and cello track that finds Doug Martsch in his most earnest and heartfelt voice.  It’s really a song you can play about ten times in a row and still not tire of it.

So glad I discovered these Boise, Idaho guitar noodlers.  If you’re not familiar with BtS all that much, start with “Fling”, then buy everything you can.

About the Author jhubner73

This is where I drop the spat and spittle, the sentimental fat and drivel... Music and such, and maybe a word or two about a word or two. Midwest point-of-view, without all that religion and gun stuff. Intellectually unintellectual. Elitist for the pizza and beer crowd. Grab a bean bag and lounge in the basment for a while, won't you?


      1. Sounds like a good weekend. Keep It Like a Secret remains my favorite from them. And “Carry the Zero” is my favorite song from a very long list of great BtS songs.

        Only vinyl I have from BtS is Perfect From Now On. Need to get more.


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