Fortunately I live in a lame Midwestern hub overwhelmed by churches, Low Bob Discount Tobaccos, and plenty of family-style sports-themed restaurants with jerseys, sports team pics, and photos of Elvis on the wall, serving up deep-fried artery clogging blech as this allowed me to wait an entire week before nabbing this from my local record store. What is this you wonder? It’s Stephen Malkmus and Friends performing Can’s Ege Bamyasi in its entirety back in December 2012. Where? Cologne, Germany of course. A RSD goodie I couldn’t nab on RSD. If you’re neither a fan of Mr. Malkmus or Can, then this wouldn’t mean much to you. Me? I love both dearly, and Stephen puts on his best Damo Suzuki gear and goes to town. It’s obvious he’s a Can lover. It sound phenomenal. “Sing Swan Song” is incredible.

Spinning it for a third time and it keeps getting better. Does the beer help? Possibly. Don’t judge me.

Shout out to John Vance at Karma Records in my neck of the woods for being a righteous dude.

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This is where I drop the spat and spittle, the sentimental fat and drivel... Music and such, and maybe a word or two about a word or two. Midwest point-of-view, without all that religion and gun stuff. Intellectually unintellectual. Elitist for the pizza and beer crowd. Grab a bean bag and lounge in the basment for a while, won't you?


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