So, so good. Contender for one of the best albums of the year.

No joke. “Shame Chamber” is one of the best songs I’ve heard so far this year. Yeah, I know it’s only April.

About the Author jhubner73

This is where I drop the spat and spittle, the sentimental fat and drivel... Music and such, and maybe a word or two about a word or two. Midwest point-of-view, without all that religion and gun stuff. Intellectually unintellectual. Elitist for the pizza and beer crowd. Grab a bean bag and lounge in the basment for a while, won't you?


    1. You know, it’s like J Mascis decided to smoke some weed, listen to some Tom Petty, and be backed by a punk band from Philly. It’s got the vibe of a classic rock record from the 70s, but done up all jangly with lots of Bad Stone phase and Fender Jags. Jean jackets with the smokes sticking out of the pocket. The punks became poignant and named their leader Kurt Vile.

      All hail Kurt Vile!


  1. Yeah! I “discovered” him about a year ago or so, and I haven’t heard very much from him, yet. But I dig him. He is a fantastic songwriter with a great sound. Good pick!


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