Holy… Sister… Heaven’s… Drugs… Oh My!

heavens gateway show 2013

by E. A. Poorman

We are the music makers… and we are the dreamers of dreams.”- Willy Wonka

Yes kiddos, there’s a show coming up here in our illustrious Fort that if you decide to skip out it’s gonna be like sleeping through the Rapture.  You’ll be a lost soul in a city of enlightened freaks.  On Friday, April 19th at 10pm over at the perfectly grimy Brass Rail a freakout is gonna be taking place.  Your hosts?  Well Heaven’s Gateway Drugs, Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor, and The Holydrug Couple.  Dig this boys and girls, a show like what will be going down on April 19th doesn’t come around too often, so clear your schedule and get ready to get freaky.

The Holydrug Couple is a band from Santiago, Chile.  Imagine that state somewhere between sleep and consciousness.  That space of time where you are nearly at total peace with the universe.  That chunk of the spiritual plain where this life and the afterlife hold hands and share their essences.  Well that’s what The Holydrug Couple create for your senses on their completely awesome album Noctuary.  It’s a mellow psychedelia.  This isn’t acid blotter and walls melting.  This is a mellow buzz.  It’s Tame Impala-approved psych.  It’s shotgunning with a heart-shaped pipe.  These cats bring the great vibes.  And get this:  they’re on Sacred Bones Records.  Home of some of E.A. Poormans’ favorite artists.  Me and Moon Duo are tight, yo.  I guarantee this is a rare opportunity to see a band like The Holydrug Couple in a hole(wonderful hole that it is) like The Brass Rail.  Here this, come this time next year these Chilean psych purveyors will be playing much bigger stages.  Get a babysitter, Mr. Dad Rock and come out.

Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor are a drone psych outfit out of Detroit.  Yep, the Rock City itself.  I had a chance to peruse their album Spectra Spirit and all I have to say is “Yes!”  SoYSV are a much darker bunch.  As I listened to Spectra Spirit I couldn’t help but picture some sort of ‘Frankenstein Musical Monster’ version of Suicide and The Doors.  There’s that drone-y darkness of Suicide with the dark blues dirge of The Doors.  But more than anything, there’s the heavy hand of psychedelia that permeates their songs.  A great balance of dark with The Holydrug Couple’s technicolor light.  If The Black Angels butter your muffin Shirley, then you best come out to see these Michigan freaks.

Last but not least, Fort Wayne’s own Heaven’s Gateway Drugs will be playing.  If you haven’t been living under a rock(or in Columbia City) then you already know the mojo HGD bring to the proceedings.  A 60s psych vibe, with a heavy seasoning of modern alternative guitar play and a Shaman that dances and plays percusssion, bringing the rain of contentment and arousal to the audience.  Oh, and they rock like a mo fo, too.

But get this, there’s something you don’t know dear reader.  April 19ths show is going to be Heaven’s Gateway Drugs album release show!  That’s right, HGD is dropping their first full length on the world at this show.  So as my dad used to say to me, “Don’t be a putz, ya putz!”  Make sure you clear your schedule for Friday April 19th and be at The Brass Rail for what is going to go down as one of the best concert experiences this year.  Hell, probably one of the best concerts in recent years.  And remember, if it gets weird just close your eyes and don’t fight the urge to fly.





6 thoughts on “Holy… Sister… Heaven’s… Drugs… Oh My!

  1. Roundtrip to Fort Wayne is … oh my! Add in the $5 at the door and, oh dear! Maybe when my private jet is out of the shop and I sell my next large tech company (and other fantasies).

    Enjoy it, you’ve got at least one vicarious audience member wishing to look over your shoulder!


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